The Joseph S. & Caroline Gruss Life Monument Fund for the Advancement of I.D.F Veterans was established in 1988.

. After establishing itself in the field of scholarship assistance, determining its target populations and establishing the projects division, the Fund has made great efforts to increase and enhance partnerships with other agencies according to the strategic plan approved by the Board of Trustees. This enables the Fund to broaden and deepen its activities and reach many more ex-servicemen. The Fund has grown from a small organization distributing scholarships to a number of target populations to a vast dynamic body affecting the lives of thousands of young men and women throughout the country who have completed their military or national service. The Fund, whose policy is determined by its Board of Trustees, defines its goal to assist ex-servicemen to realize their ambitions and help them to become a contributing, integral part of Israeli society. This goal is achieved by defining target populations and providing services and aid to young ex-servicemen from the periphery (from development towns and rural settlements), new immigrants, lone soldiers, minority groups, Haredi veterans and those in dire economic need. In addition, the Fund sponsors innovative pilot projects and funds research and evaluation of programs. The Fund is an active member in numerous forums and groups that develop policy, legislation and programs throughout the country.

The activities of the Foundation take place across the length and breadth of the State of Israel, from Kiryat Shemona in the north to Eilat in the south. The Foundation runs programs in over thirty cities and twenty eight regional councils. The Foundation partners in tens of Centers for Young Adults and guidance and counseling centers for discharged soldiers throughout the country, especially in peripheral regions. It is through these centers that the Foundation distributes scholarships and supports counseling services, workshops and activities for the benefit of young adults immediate prior to and following army service, national service and civilian service. The Foundation takes part in the steering comities of these Centers as well as in the general committee of all the partners in this welcome initiative.

The Foundation has close ties to all the centers of higher learning in the country as well as dozens of smaller training colleges, schools for completion of education, and a variety of other institutions of learning across the country. One of the Foundation’s guiding principles is the importance of working cooperatively with all sectors of the economy – government, public, private, and voluntary.

The Fund has been making efforts in the past years to create new partnerships in order to be able to broaden its scope of activities. The Fund works closely with the I.D.F., various government ministries, municipalities, the Council for Higher Education, the Jewish Agency, The JDC and many foundations. Having gained knowledge and experience in the field, the Fund is approached by ministries, government, public and private agencies for advice and information.

The Fund makes a major effort to provide quick, efficient and courteous service to all applicants. The Fund evaluates the programs it supports and is in an on-going search to find appropriate, effective methods to realize its goals throughout the country. The Foundation also continues to keep abreast and respond to the ever-changing needs of the population that is the focus of the Fund's definition.