National Deployment of Projects

The activities of the Fund take place across the length and breadth of the State of Israel, from Kiryat Shemona in the north to Eilat in the south. The Fund runs programs in over thirty cities and twenty eight regional councils. The Fund partners in tens of Centers for Young Adults and guidance centers for ex-servicemen throughout the country, especially in the periphery. It is through these centers that the Fund distributes scholarships and supports counseling services, workshops and activities for the benefit of young adults immediate prior to and following army service, national service and civilian service. The Fund takes part in the steering committees of these Centers as well as in the general committee of all the partners in this welcome initiative.

The Fund has close ties to all the centers of higher learning in the country as well as dozens of smaller training colleges, schools for high school completion, and a variety of other institutions of learning across the country. One of the Fund’s guiding principles is the importance of worki sectors of the economy – government, public, private, and voluntary.